Diablo Dish: Lokanta to Open Its Walnut Creek Location on July 10

One of the signature dishes at Lokanta is a saucy chicken-packed phyllo triangle called Talas. (Doug Duran/Staff archives)

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Lokanta’s Been a Long Time Coming, but the Wait is Almost Over

After a seemingly endless series of delays, many of which were caused by issues with PG&E, Lokanta Mediterranean Grill and Bar will finally open its Walnut Creek location on July 10.

The original restaurant in Pleasanton has garnered a devoted cult following for its delicious Mediterranean food, and diners expect the same mix of entrées at the newest spot—from paella to musakka to grilled shish kebabs—on Locust Street.

Bonus: There’s also a full bar that can provide refreshing drinks, which will help keep you cool during an already baking-hot summer.

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